Mathey Dearman

Mathey Dearman is a brand that supports pipefitters engineering large diameter pipe operations. They manufacture various tools such as pipe beveling machines, pipe alignment clamps, pipe chain clamps, pipe reforming clamps and more. Mathey Dearman equipment can solve your alignment and reforming problems with high quality, dependable and precise performance.

Flange Spreader

Pipe Fitter Tools

As a pipe fitter, you need equipment that is precise, rugged, and dependable. For over 70 years, authentic Mathey Dearman pipe fitting tools have been getting the job done. Flange Alignment...
Rim Clamp

Mathey Dearman Pipe Alignment & Reforming Clamps

Mathey Dearman manufactures a variety of clamps to solve your pipe alignment and reforming needs. These pipe alignment clamps and reforming clamps cover a vast amount of pipe sizes, ranging from 1-inch...
Band Crawler

Mathey Dearman Cutting and Beveling Equipment

Mathey Dearman pipe cutting and beveling machines are designed for many critical applications. Each product is made specifically for applications needing a great deal of accuracy and precision. Using appropriate...

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