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Orbital Welding Equipment Rental Catalog

Explore MIT’s catalog of welding supplies for cutting, facing, beveling, and orbital welding machines.
Our orbital rental fleet is one of the largest in the United States.


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AMI Model 9-250
AMI 9 Series Weld Heads

The Model 9 series of AMI orbital welding heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube, pipe, fittings or other cylindrical components. Available in …

Model 79 AMI Weld Head For Pipe Welding Orbital Application
Model 79 AMI Orbital Welding Heads

The Model 79 series of welding heads from Arc Machines (AMI) provide unmatched durability and comprehensive functionality. Designed for both fabrication shop and field process …

AMI 207 Power Supply
AMI 207 Power Supply

The AMI Model 207 GTAW Power Supply offers exceptional welding capabilities in a compact and capable 100–150-amp package. This machine enables the production of high-integrity …

AMI Orbital Welding Water Cooler
AMI Cooling Unit

The AMI Cooling Unit, also known as a water cooler, attaches to the base of an Arc Machines Power Supply and features a heavy-duty pump and …

AMI Model 96
AMI Model 96 Weld Head

Arc Machine’s Model 96 is an automated weld head designed for high-speed, high-production autogenous welding of tubes to tubesheet. Welds made with this head, utilizing …

AMI 217 Power Supply
AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply

The AMI Model 217 WDR is a cutting-edge 100/150A programmable GTAW Orbital Welding power supply. The 217 is designed to be used with all of …


Rental Options

SAXX-200 Power Supply

With its compact design and user-friendly interface, the Saxx-200 is easy to operate and can be set up in no time, allowing you to start welding tube and pipe right away. The LED Display, light weight design and weld head quick connects make it ideal for portable in the field welding.

SATFX-52 Weld Head

  • .25″ – 2″ Tube O.D.
  • Water cooled electrode holder, rotor and aluminum flanges
  • Two frames opening
  • Thin stainless steel collets and wide aluminum collets
  • Encoded motor  allows it to start from any angular position of the electrode
  • 25ft cable
  • Weight:19 lb


  • .25″ – 3″ Tube O.D.
  • Water cooled electrode holder, rotor and aluminum flanges
  • Two frames opening
  • Thin stainless steel collets and wide aluminum collets
  • Encoded motor  allows it to start from any angular position of the electrode
  • 25ft cable
  • Weight: 19 lb


  • .50″ – 4.5″ Tube O.D.
  • Water cooled electrode holder, rotor and aluminum flanges
  • Two frames opening
  • Thin stainless steel collets and wide aluminum collets
  • Encoded motor  allows it to start from any angular position of the electrode
  • 25ft cable
  • Weight: 20.7 lb


Rental Options

Magnatech 514 Orbital Welding Power Supply
Magnatech 514 Tubemaster Power Supply

Product Description: The Magnatech Tubemaster Model 514 brings orbital welding to the digital age, offering unmatched precision, repeatability, and dependability. Magnatech’s new digital technology reduces …

Magnatech 515 Power Supply
Magnatech 515 Pipemaster Power Supply

Product Description: The 515 power source has been innovatively designed to simplify the pipe welding process. Magnatech’s 515 model provides the advantages of digital technology …

Weld Heads

Rental Options

Sorry, there were no results for this query. Please contact us for available options.


The SATFX Series is an advanced line of heads from AXXAIR. The SATFX Line offers some of the most advanced features on the market and are equipped with quick change collets, enhanced cooling, and a tinted display. The SATFX line welds tube and pipe from .25″ – 4.5″ O.D.

Orbital Saws

Rental Options

AXXAIR CC122 Orbital Saw
Axxair CC122 Orbital Cutter

Technical Specifications: The AXXAIR CC122 orbital cutter is the ultimate solution for quick and clean stainless steel tube and pipe cutting. AXXAIR took the original …

CC172 Orbital Welding Saw
Axxair CC172 Orbital Saw

The AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Saw is the big brother to the CC122, offering precision cutting for tube and pipe. The AXXAIR CC172 offers improved handling …

Facing Tools

Rental Options

FM25 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing
FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool

Step into the future with the FM-25 Series – a dynamic solution for stainless steel tubing facing. Designed with a robust and reliable structure, it …

FM114 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing
FM-114 Tube Facing Tool

Introducing the FM-114 Tube Facing Tool – a sturdy, bench-mounted tube facing marvel powered by your site electricity. Built to operate efficiently and reliably throughout …

FM168 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing
FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool

Discover the FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool – a rugged, hard-wearing instrument designed to deliver top-notch finishes to both external and internal tube surfaces. Despite its …

FM Micro Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing
FM-Micro Facing Tool

Quickly face micro fittings for critical welds.  The portable, battery-operated FM-Micro Facing Tool is designed to reach many stainless steel fittings and tube ends behind manifolds, components, …

FM63 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing
FM-63 Tube Facing Tool

Product Overview:  Embrace the power of the FM-63 Tube Facing Tool – a sturdy and reliable solution for all your tube facing needs. Expertly designed, …

Beveling Tools

Profile of ESCO Mongoose

Rental Options

ESCO Beveling Tool Prepzilla
ESCO Tools Prepzilla Millhog

Product Overview: The Prepzilla Millhog is the ultimate end prep solution for those looking for high performance and low maintenance. With its 2hp pneumatic or …

Tube Weasel ESCO Beveling Tool
ESCO Tool Tube Weasel Millhog

Product Overview: Meet the Tube Weasel, ESCO’s most versatile and reliable beveling tool. This cutting-edge outage tool is designed for end prepping all types of …

Profile of ESCO C-HOG
C-Hog Millhog

Product Overview: The C-Hog, the ultimate solution for small pipe and tube beveling! This innovative tool is designed to maximize efficiency, safety, and ease of …

Profile of ESCO Mongoose
ESCO Tools Mongoose Millhog

Product Overview: Improve your boiler tube end prepping with the Mongoose Millhog. Designed specifically for single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall, this compact 2.250″ …

Profile of ESCO Ground Millhog
ESCO Tools Ground Millhog

Product Overview: The ESCO Tool Groundhog is the portable solution for beveling tubes during boiler outages or end prepping materials. With a critical width dimension …

Profile of APS-438 ESCO Saw
APS-438 MILLHOG | Boiler Tube Cutting Saw

The APS-438 MILLHOG is an air-powered boiler tube cutting saw, that makes clean, straight cuts. It is configured for superb ergonomics, ease of use and …

ESCO Clamshell Pipecutting Tool
ESCO COHOG | Clamshell Pipe Cutting Machine

The COHOG is a split frame machine from ESCO Tool. At the core of the COHOG® is its uniquely built frame. The stationary ring is machined …

Profile of ESCO Wart Millhog
ESCO Tools Wart Millhog

Product Overview: The Wart MILLHOG Beveling Tool is the solution for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe. Measuring only 2.625 inches wide, its portable …

Purchase Options

Additional add-ons are available, including videoscopes, remote pendants, cables and more.

Keep your operation running smoothly and avoid downtime by utilizing our orbital welding machine rental services. From fall outages to process piping, we have orbital equipment for a variety of applications. This includes power supplies, weld heads, facing tools, milling motors and other related components. 

We stock brands you trust, such as:

MIT takes great pride in having an orbital rental fleet that is clean, reliable and running at peak performance. Each specialty tool is carefully inspected and calibrated to manufacturer standards by our team of factory-trained service technicians before it is sent out of our facility.

MIT personnel are ready to help find a solution to your operational needs. New to orbital welding? We will assist you in selecting the proper tools and provide you with expert advice to improve the productivity and quality of your orbital welding project. Contact us to speak to a representative about details and availability of our orbital welding machine rental fleet.

Pipemaster 515 Orbital Pipe Welding

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Why Rent From Morgan Industrial Technology?


Morgan Industrial Prides itself on renting the best quality equipment on the market. All our equipment undergoes rigorous QC before leaving our facility


As a single-source provider for everything orbital welding we partner directly with the biggest names in the industry to provide our customers with the machines they rely on. 


Our team of experts are available to support your operators as they work on our rental machines. All of our support is done in-house, domestically, Mon – Fri 8am 5 pm CST. 

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