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Tungsten Electrode Extender

Tungsten Electrode Extender

Tungsten Electrode Extender

Tungsten electrode extenders allow particular weld heads to facilitate the welding of components that are too short to reach the normal electrode location, in the center of the weld head. These components often include specialty sanitary fittings. Purchasing or renting an extender can eliminate the need to purchase costly extended fittings.

Tungsten extenders are available for both Arc Machines and Magnatech orbital welding equipment. Use the AMI electrode extender on Model 8 and Model 9 series weld heads. They are available for 0.040″, 1/16″ or 3/32″ (1,01 mm, 1,58 mm or 2,36 mm) tungsten electrodes, and can be straight (90 degrees to the work) or adjustable angle. Magnatech mushroom extenders can be used on 800 Series weld heads.

Use an MIT ceriated tungsten electrode with the electrode extender for optimal use.

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