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Portable Tig Tig Field Unit

Portable Tig Tig Field Unit Tig Wire Feeder

Portable Tig Tig Field Unit

Trusted Tip Tig technology cased in a new portable design.

TIP TIG typically enables a 100% to 300% increase in TIG wire feed rates which also allows higher weld current to be used. The resulting faster TIP TIG weld speeds and higher than normal TIG weld energy enables numerous TIG weld quality and productivity benefits.

It uses TIG DC for hot wire applications and TIG AC for cold wire applications. The process creates reliable and reproducible welds that are perfect in appearance with no weld spatters. There is no cleaning or grinding necessary.

The advanced, semi-automated welding technology increases welding speed and job productivity. This portable unit can be used with any TIP welding machine and is easy to use.

Input Voltage: 120 / 230 V (±20 %)

Applications: Low Alloy Steel, Medium Alloy Steel, High Alloy Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, 9% Nickel Steel, and Highly heat resistant and galvanized materials.

Contact us today to see the productivity benefits of Tip Tig technology at your job site or facility. 

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