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Magnatech T Head

The T Head is a specialized orbital welding tool for multi-pass pipe welding. Magnatech’s open weld head is specifically designed for heavy wall applications, such as multi-pass pipe welding and larger diameter joints, in need of consistent quality and precise welding process control.

Using the Pipemaster Power Source, the weld head enables increased duty cycle and reduces repair rates enhancing productivity. The weld head is connected to the pipe through metal guide rings around the diameter of the pipe ranging from 6” (152mm) thru 60” (1524mm). This allows for pipe-to-fitting welds while requiring only one side of the joint.

The FLX-Track permits long seam welds to be made on curved and flat surfaces such as tanks and vessels, and with Inside Diameter (I.D.), Outside Diameter (O.D.) and Compound Curvature Welds. This track is flexible and works with vacuum or magnet attachment and using the head with an oversized guide ring and adapter feet permits the use of preheat on CrMo and other alloy welding. This head supports wire sizes from .0314” to .047” (0.8 to 1.2 mm) and has a 13mm arc gap control module and 250mm/min (10IPM) maximum rotation speed. The 300A continuous water-cooled torch and a 10” (250mm) radial clearance, make it compatible with the Pipemaster 515 and 516 Power Supplies.

T Head Specifications

  • Wire Size: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2 mm
  • Arc Gap Control Module: 13mm
  • Torch Propulsion Module: 250 mm/min. (10 IPM) maximum rotation speed
  • Water-Cooled Torch: 300 A Continuous
  • Compatible Power Supply: Pipemaster 515, Pipemaster 516
  • Radial Clearance: 250 mm

Part # 419AULBPG0

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