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Working in the semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, or with any small sanitary tubing? Then you need the Astroclamp. Made with the goal to increase productivity and organization, Astroclamps hold the tube in place in a clean and efficient way, giving you another hand when you need it. Created with a special anodized aviation aluminum, Astroclamps don’t mar the stainless steel when holding the tube, ensuring that the tube stays in pristine condition.

They come in a variety of sizes from .25″ all the way up to 4″, making it easy to find the size you need for any application. Need to bend a smaller tube? Not a problem! With the mounting capabilities of the Astroclamp, you can easily bend smaller tubes while it’s clamped in.

Durable and long-lasting, the Astroclamp can even reform tube into a perfect circle in some circumstances. Using orbital welders? You can get an adapter kit, which includes a bracket that has two weld head holders and fits right into a rigid pipe stand. They even have repair kits that include replacements of all the wear parts of the Astroclamps.

Astroclamp sizes:

  • 501
    • .25″, .375″, .50″, .625″, and .75″
  • 301
    • 1″, 1.25″, 1.50″
  • 101-2
    • 2″
  • 104
    • 4″
  • 106
    • 6″

Adapter sizes:

  • T-150
  • T-175

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