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Special Applications

For special industrial applications, MIT has a variety of equipment and tools. Browse our specialty tools- including flange facers, boiler tube alignment tools, TIP TIG units and more.

ENERPACE Bolt Tensioner

Bolt Tensioners

ENERPAC has a broad range of hydraulic bolt tensioners designed for critical fastening applications. These bolt tensioners can achieve accurate preload in single or multiple fastener applications simultaneously, without inducing rotational...
Flange Facing Tool from ESCO

ESCO 110 Flange Hog | Manual Flange Facing Machine

The FLANGE HOG 110 is a must-have for any fabrication or repair shop or on-site maintenance team. This manual flange facing machine is rugged and compact flange face reconditioning tool...
Hog Tie Tube Alignment Tool

ESCO Hog Tie Boiler Tube Alignment Tool

The Hog Tie boiler tube alignment tool speeds the welding process for boiler tube waterwall panel replacement by quickly and accurately aligning new boiler tube ends with existing tubes in...
Dearman Pipe Fitter Tools

Pipe Fitter Tools

As a pipe fitter, you need equipment that is precise, rugged, and dependable. For over 70 years, authentic Mathey Dearman pipe fitting tools have been getting the job done. Flange Alignment...
Portable Tig Tig Field Unit Tig Wire Feeder

Portable Tig Tig Field Unit

Trusted Tip Tig technology cased in a new portable design. TIP TIG typically enables a 100% to 300% increase in TIG wire feed rates which also allows higher weld current...
Tip Tig Wire Feeder

Tip Tig Wire Feeder

Product Overview: The Tip Tig process is a globally patented TIG process that combines patented wire feed technology which creates a vibratory effect on the wire in addition to applying...
ENERPAC Torque Wrench

Torque Wrenches

ENERPAC offers a variety of controlled tightening tools to best meet the requirements of your application. From mechanical torque multipliers to hydraulic, electric and pneumatic driven torque wrenches, we offer the...
W-250 Tilt-Head Welding Positioner

W-250 Tilt-Head Welding Positioner

Product Description: The Tilt-Head Welding Positioner is capable of holding and positioning cylindrical parts up to 350 lbs horizontally (calculated at 2 in from the face plate). This heavy duty rotary...
tensile tester W50 from Watts Mueller

W-50 Tensile Weld Tester

The W-50 Weld Tester is a piece of destructive weld testing equipment that incorporates compression, tensile, and weld bend testing in one complete unit. This is an invaluable asset to any...
W-G-20 Grinding Jig

W-G-20 Grinding Jig

Product Description: This simple fixture rotates freely with the force from the grinding wheel on the pipe end. You can precisely control the speed of rotation and put a perfect...
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