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German engineered tungsten from MIT is cut and polished to help create the most dynamic orbital welds.

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MIT Tungsten Can Be Ordered To Specific Lengths And Polish From Our Warehouse In Ozark. MO. Limit 5 Free Bags Of Tungsten Per Customer. Mix and Match 10 Standard Bags. 10 Bags Minimum Order For Custom Cut, Grind, or Polish. Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Offers. Promotion Expires 11/30/2022 at 11:59 pm CST

Orbital Welding Tungsten Electrode on holder

What Makes German Engineered Tungsten Different?

Cheap Vs Expensive

Cheap tungsten is often refined with other low quality metals or scrap which makes for sub-quality welds. The mine it comes from, the fillers put in, and manufacturing process are critical to product integrity Our is mined in Austria and manufactured in Germany to ensure a consistent high-quality product

Higher Quality Welds

Because tungsten is ceriated and 97.3% pure, the quality of your welds goes up. High quality ceriated tungsten has been proven to have more stability and result in superior arc quality compared to cheap electrodes. It also uses less amperage which makes it ideal for lower temperature & delicate applications.

Tired and Tested

MIT's tungsten partner has been around for over a century. We carefully inspect every tungsten order to ensure it meets our high quality standard as well as cut and finish our here in house. With complete control of their mines, transpiration, and refining facilities, you can expect the same tungsten every time you order.

The Single Source Provider For Orbital Welding and Cutting Applications For The Past
17 Years

Centrally located in the Midwest, we conveniently support customers in a variety of industries throughout the United States. With over +25 years of experience Morgan Industrial is the most trusted name in orbital welding supplies, sales, service, and training.

Working With MIT

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