Tube Facing Bits

Tube Facing Bits



MIT stocks tube facing bits for T+C and GF stainless steel facing tools. Our durable, long-lasting bits square tube and pipe ends in preparation for welding. They create a weld-ready prep by removing burrs and other imperfections to produce a smooth, clean fit-up.

Our tube facing bits are double-sided, meaning you get twice the cuts at the same quality.

PN200230 Bits used with:

  • T+C FM114
  • T+C FM168

PN300225 Bits used with:

  • T+C FM25
  • T+C FM63

790-038-315 GF Multifunctional Bits used with:

  • All GF Tube Squaring Tools

Bits come in packs of 10 but can be sold individually. Contact a representative to discuss product options.


FM 114/168 – PN200230, FM 25/63 – PN300225, GF Multi-functional Tool Bits – 790-038-315

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