Orbital Saw Tube Blades

Orbital Saw Tube Blades



MIT offers a wide variety of orbital saw blades for your tube and pipe cutting applications. MIT’s tube blade MIT-035 is both durable and strong. Our specialty Ti blades are coated in titanium nitride. Our oversized blades can be used to extend your orbital cutter’s range. Use any of these lasting blades with a variety of orbital cutters to create clean, quality cuts.

  • Quality – MIT blades make quality cuts that compare favorably to the competition.
  • Availability – We offer single blade sales up to any amount per your request.
  • Price – MIT blades are competitively priced.

MIT also represents Axxair orbital tube and pipe saws and offers their line of saw blades for purchase. Axxair provides blades for thin wall tube as well as schedule pipe applications. For pipe sizes, check out our Orbital Saw Pipe Blades.

Blade Type

MIT-035, MIT-035-Ti, MIT-080-Ti, MIT-100-Ti, MIT-6872-Ti, AX-LS6872, AX-LS8080

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