T-Drill T-65 SS

T drill 65 SS For collaring stainless steel pipes

T-Drill T-65 SS

  • Portable collaring machine
  • Pulls 1/2" to 1 1/2" tee joints
  • Up to Schedule 10

Product Description: 

The T-DRILL T-65 SS is a portable, easy-to-use collaring machine for stainless steel tube.

It is an ideal solution for making reducing tee joints of ½’’ – 1½’’ in main run tubes up to 4”. While giving you comparable quality to commercial tee fittings, your profits increases since T-65 eliminates two welded joints and the fitting cost. If tube polishing is required at the welding points, T-65 SS also reduces that, as well as any inspection costs. The branch pipe can be connected to a formed outlet either by orbital welding or by manual welding.

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