Mathey Dearman Pipe Alignment & Reforming Clamps

Mathey Dearman Pipe Alignment & Reforming Clamps for pipe cutting

Mathey Dearman Pipe Alignment & Reforming Clamps

  • Ranging from 1 inch pipe up to 20 feet
  • One clamp can cover a multitude of sizes
  • Easy latching and chain designs

Mathey Dearman manufactures a variety of clamps to solve your pipe alignment and reforming needs. These pipe alignment clamps and reforming clamps cover a vast amount of pipe sizes, ranging from 1-inch pipe all the way up to 20 feet. They have the ability to align up to schedule 80 pipe and reform up to schedule 40 pipe. Not only do Mathey Dearman clamps work for pipe to pipe applications, but they also help align elbows, tees and other fittings as well. Dearman pipe clamps are designed for tough reforming jobs and accurate alignments. We sell a wide variety of clamps, from rim clamps to heavy-duty pipe chain clamps. Contact us to achieve quick, easy and precise fit-ups and reforms. 

Types of clamps:

  • Pipe Chain Clamp 
  • Pipe Rim Clamps
  • Pipe Cage Clamps
  • Pipe Sleeve Clamps
  • Pipe Quik-Fit Clamps
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