Morgan Industrial Technology INC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a service department?

Yes, MIT has a veteran crew in its repair department.  Turnaround time is minimal and the customer is kept in the loop on the repair.

Does MIT provide on-site demonstrations?

MIT’s experienced sales staff  performs demonstrations both at the customer’s facility, and in-house at MIT.

Do you provide same-day shipping?

If an order is received before noon, most of the time MIT can ship same-day.

Is equipment available for rent as well as purchase?

Yes, MIT has an extensive rental fleet for your tube & pipe welding, cutting and beveling needs.

What consumables do you provide for your equipment?

MIT provides custom-made tungsten for specific applications.  MIT also stocks cutting blades and bits.

What is the best way to prep tube for a fusion weld?

We recommend using a tube & pipe saw, and facing the end with tube-squaring equipment.  The quality of the weld is determined in large part by the quality of the prep.

Is your equipment suitable for all alloys?

Our equipment is used on stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic alloys.